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Das Bornheimer Depot (auch: Wagenhalle Bornheim, früher: Betriebshof Bornheim) war von bis ein Depot der Frankfurter Straßenbahn. Unmittelbar. Ein Wertpapierdepot oder genauer Wertpapierdepotkonto ist im Bankwesen ein Konto, über das Wertpapierorders (Kauf, Verkauf, Übertragung) abgewickelt. The Home Depot, Inc. (börsennotiert an der NYSE, Aktiensymbol: HD, ISIN US, WKN ) ist eine US-amerikanische Baumarktkette mit.

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Securities and Exchange Commission. Retrieved July 18, Retrieved 17 March The New York Times. Retrieved 20 February Retrieved 6 November Retrieved 8 December Retrieved 14 January Retrieved 10 May Archived from the original on January 26, It has over 2, stores.

The Home Depot makes more money than any other home improvement store. It is the fourth largest store in general.

They are usually , square feet. The biggest Home Depot is , square feet. It is in Union, New Jersey. A banker named Ken Langone helped them get enough money.

The Home Depot with a special vision -- to create a company that would keep alive the values that were important to us. Values like respect among all people, excellent customer service and giving back to communities and society.

The first two stores opened in in the city of Atlanta. In the s, The Home Depot moved its headquarters to some skyscrapers near the town of Vinings, Georgia.

Home Depot executives said that as the world's-largest buyer of construction material, their company had the power to persuade thousands of suppliers, homebuilders and consumers to follow its lead on environment sustainability.

For example, Home Depot planted thousands of trees at its headquarters in Atlanta to offset carbon emissions. Additionally, The Home Depot promotes compact fluorescent light bulbs in its stores.

As part of this effort, the company created the largest recycling program in the United States for the bulbs. The Home Depot Backyard occupies the site of the Falcons' previous stadium, the Georgia Dome , and serves as parking and tailgating space during Falcons' and Atlanta United FC home games and public use greenspace during non-event days.

The park opened on September 11, Since , the company has become a large supporter of athletics, sponsoring the United States and Canadian Olympic teams , and launching a program which offered employment to athletes that accommodates their training and competition schedules.

Stewart drove The Home Depot-sponsored 20 car for Joe Gibbs Racing until , winning 2 of his 3 series championships in the car, and was succeeded by Joey Logano , who took the car to victory lane twice.

After Matt Kenseth joined the team, The Home Depot's status as the 20's primary sponsor was taken over by Dollar General , but the company still served as its most frequent secondary sponsor through its Husky Tools division.

The venue is now called StubHub Center. The smart home is a live-in laboratory for ten upper-class engineering students that allows them to immerse themselves in the work.

The goal of the project is to help provide innovative solutions for the home in areas such as security and home monitoring, communications, energy efficiency, entertainment, environment and health.

Seventy-three percent of The Home Depot's campaign contributions went to Republican candidates in the — US elections.

The Canadian operation consists of stores and employs over 28, people in Canada. The Canadian head office is located in Toronto.

The Canadian unit was created with the purchase of Aikenhead's Hardware. Home Depot management had an ambitious plan to overtake its biggest competitor, RONA , which has about four times as many stores.

The Home Depot now faces competition from Lowe's as they have moved into the Canadian market effective the end of ; Lowe's now has 35 outlets in Canada.

In Quebec , where it has 22 stores, The Home Depot is branded simply "Home Depot" using English words but without the definite article "the".

The Home Depot operates stores in Mexico [77] and has become one of the largest retailers in Mexico since it entered the market in The Home Depot increased its presence in Mexico in , with the acquisition of Home Mart, the second largest Mexican home improvement retailer.

The Home Depot Mexico employs more than 11, associates throughout the country and has an annual growth rate of 10 percent. As of September 16, , all seven of the box stores in China had been shut down.

The company is taking a "wait-and-see" attitude towards the Chinese market, but does not want to completely pull out because re-entry into the market would be very costly.

The Home Depot's lack of success in China has been attributed to the disconnect between The Home Depot's do-it-yourself ethos and Chinese culture.

In , the Home Depot conceded that it misread the country's appetite for do-it-yourself products. As a spokeswoman for the company said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, "The market trend says this is more of a do-it-for-me culture".

Chinese consumers prefer to see a finished product, such as a renovated room, rather than light bulbs and lumber.

Speculation of a takeover began in when the retailer Asda was purchased by Walmart. Talks ending in did not result in any takeover deal.

In , Home Depot entered the Chilean and Argentine markets. While the venture was viewed with great optimism by founders Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank , [87] it eventually proved unprofitable.

In , after merging with Sodimac , all stores adopted that brand. The company has since expanded across Latin America very profitably and successfully.

In , Argentina's Home Depots were bought out by Chilean company Cencosud and rebranded Easy stores, a company that has also expanded across South America.

Schwartz filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the Home Depot, alleging that his discharge was in retaliation for refusing to make unwarranted backcharges against vendors.

Davis alleges that the Home Depot forced its employees to meet a set quota of backcharges to cover damaged or defective merchandise, forcing employees to make chargebacks to vendors for merchandise that was undamaged and not defective.

The Home Depot alleges that it fired Davis for repeatedly failing to show up for work. The trial initially was concluded in June , but in April , U.

Akin Gump sent Wood a letter on September 29, , in which the law firm requested that the testimony be stricken. Schwartz asked for the case to be reopened to permit further questioning of the witnesses.

On April 6, , Wood ordered the case to be reopened. Schwartz was quoted by the New York Post as saying, "I have reason to believe these witnesses were intimidated into giving false testimony.

Home Depot has settled the dispute in a stipulation of settlement dated March 28, In the settlement, Home Depot changed some of its corporate governance provisions.

The District court jury returned a verdict in favor of Powell. In , Home Depot appealed against the decision to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit , challenging the district court's denial of its renewed motion for judgment as a matter of law on the issues of infringement, willfulness, and damages.

The appellate court found no inequitable conduct and insufficiently egregious misconduct on the part of Powell's attorney.

In the wake of the Joplin tornado in which the walls of a Home Depot collapsed after being hit by an EF5 tornado , The Kansas City Star , citing engineers, criticized Home Depot's practice of using tilt-up construction in hundreds of its big-box stores other nearby big-box stores in Joplin, including a Walmart and Academy Sports , which had concrete block construction, lost their roofs but the walls remained intact.

In tilt-up construction the concrete is poured onsite, lifted into place, and then attached to the roof. The engineers told the Star that the practice, while normally safe and efficient, is dangerous in major storms because once the roof is lifted as happened in Joplin the walls collapse in a domino effect.

Seven people were killed in the front of the store when the ,pound walls collapsed on them, while 28 people in the back of the store survived when those walls collapsed outward.

Only two of the slab walls in the Home Depot survived. In contrast, 3 people died in the Walmart but survived.

Engineers noted that when concrete block construction fails, structural elements break in pieces and usually not in huge slabs. Home Depot said it fundamentally disagreed with the engineers quoted by the Star and said it would use tilt-up construction when it rebuilds the Joplin store.

On September 2, , security news reporter Brian Krebs reported that he was seeing evidence of credit card numbers linked to Home Depot purchases being sold online, which he concluded to suggest that The Home Depot's payment systems were breached by hackers.

According to their press release, this breach affected any customers who made purchases at any Home Depot store from April to September Home Depot offered their affected customers free one-year credit monitoring service from AllClear ID.

Also in their press release, they made sure to emphasize that there was no evidence to suggest that online customers were affected by the breach.

On September 18, , Home Depot released a statement saying that the hackers obtained a total of 56 million credit card numbers as a result of the breach.

Since the breach, Home Depot has rolled out new encryption technology for their cash registers and self-checkout systems to protect customers.

A class action lawsuit was filed against the company. S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission , for the alleged failure to provide a reasonable accommodation for a cashier with cancer at its Towson, Maryland , store and then for purportedly firing her because of her condition.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Home Depot, Inc. The Home Depot corporate headquarters outside Atlanta.

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Pleasant American Legion building gets improved by volunteers". In addition to refueling and servicing geostationary communications satellites with the fuel that is initially launched with the MDA Space Infrastructure Servicing vehicle, the SIS vehicle is being designed to have the ability to orbitally maneuver to rendezvous with a replacement fuel canister after transferring the kg of fuel in the launch load, enabling further refueling of additional satellites after the initial multi-satellite servicing mission is complete.

Demetriades [44] proposed a method for refilling by collecting atmospheric gases. The remaining nitrogen is used as propellant for a nuclear-powered magnetohydrodynamic engine, which maintains the orbit, compensating for atmospheric drag.

However, Jones' proposal does require a network of orbital power-beaming satellites , to avoid placing nuclear reactors in orbit.

Asteroids can also be processed to provide liquid oxygen. Propellant depots in LEO are of little use for transfer between two low earth orbits when the depot is in a different orbital plane than the target orbit.

The delta-v to make the necessary plane change is typically extremely high. On the other hand, depots are typically proposed for exploration missions, where the change over time of the depot's orbit can be chosen to align with the departure vector.

This allows one well-aligned departure time minimizing fuel use that requires a very precisely-timed departure. Less efficient departure times from the same depot to the same destination exist before and after the well-aligned opportunity, but more research is required to show whether the efficiency falls off quickly or slowly.

The restrictions on departure windows arise because low earth orbits are susceptible to significant perturbations; even over short periods they are subject to nodal regression and, less importantly, precession of perigee.

Equatorial depots are more stable but also more difficult to reach. However, it is possible to do a three-burn orbital transfer which includes a plane change, and which wastes very little propellant to reach almost any final trajectory.

Boil-off of cryogenic propellants in space may be mitigated by both technological solutions as well as system-level planning and design. From a technical perspective: Boil off rate is governed by heat leakage and by the quantity of propellant in the tanks.

With partially filled tanks, the percentage loss is higher. Heat leakage depends on surface area, while the original mass of propellant in the tanks depends on volume.

So by the cube-square law , the smaller the tank, the faster the liquids will boil off. Some propellant tank designs have achieved a liquid hydrogen boil off rate as low as approximately 0.

It is possible to achieve zero boil-off ZBO with cryogenic propellant storage using an active thermal control system. Liquid hydrogen was the test fluid.

The test tank was installed into a vacuum chamber, simulating space vacuum. A commercial cryocooler was interfaced with an existing MHTB spray bar mixer and insulation system in a manner that enabled a balance between incoming and extracted thermal energy.

Another NASA study in June for conceptual Mars mission showed mass savings over traditional, passive- only cryogenic storage when mission durations are 5 days in LEO for oxygen, 8.

Longer missions equate to greater mass savings. Cryogenic xenon saves mass over passive storage almost immediately.

When power to run the ZBO is already available, the break-even mission durations are even shorter, e. In addition to technical solutions to the challenge of excessive boil-off of cryogenic rocket propellants, system-level solutions have been proposed.

Such proposals have been suggested as supplementing good technological techniques to reduce boil-off, but would not replace the need for efficient technological storage solutions.

United Launch Alliance ULA has proposed a cryogenic depot which would use a conical sun shield to protect the cold propellants from solar and Earth radiation.

The open end of the cone allows residual heat to radiate to the cold of deep space, while the closed cone layers attenuates the radiative heat from the Sun and Earth.

Other issues are hydrogen embrittlement , a process by which some metals including iron and titanium become brittle and fracture following exposure to hydrogen.

The resulting leaks makes storing cryogenic propellants in zero gravity conditions difficult. In the early s, several in-space refueling projects got under-way.

Two private initiatives and a government-sponsored test mission were in some level of development or testing as of [update]. The NASA Robotic Refueling Mission was launched in and successfully completed a series of robotically-actuated propellant transfer experiments on the exposed facility platform of the International Space Station in January The set of experiments included a number of propellant valves , nozzles and seals similar to those used on many satellites and a series of four prototype tools that could be attached to the distal end of a Space Station robotic arm.

Each tool was a prototype of "devices that could be used by future satellite servicing missions to refuel spacecraft in orbit.

RRM is the first in-space refueling demonstration using a platform and fuel valve representative of most existing satellites, which were never designed for refueling.

Other satellite servicing demos, such as the U. Canada -based MDA Corporation announced in early that they were designing a single spacecraft that would refuel other spacecraft in orbit as a satellite-servicing demonstration.

Competitive design alternatives to in-space RCS fuel transfer exist. It is possible to bring additional propellant to a space asset, and utilize the propellant for attitude control or orbital velocity change, without ever transferring the propellant to the target space asset.

The ViviSat Mission Extension Vehicle , also under development since the early s, illustrates one alternative approach that would connect to the target satellite similarly to MDA SIS, via the kick motor, but will not transfer fuel.

Rather, the Mission Extension Vehicle will use "its own thrusters to supply attitude control for the target.

In , Lockheed Martin proposed the Jupiter space tug. If built, Jupiter would operate in low Earth orbit shuttling cargo carriers to and from the International Space Station , remaining on orbit indefinitely, and refueling itself from subsequent transport ships carrying later cargo carrier modules.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. IAC - 12, D3, 2, 4 , x Retrieved October 14, Retrieved January 24, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Lauderdale, FL, July 11—14, Ad Astra Rocket Company. Archived from the original on May 22, Archived from the original PDF on July 4, Retrieved February 21, Human Spaceflight Plans Committee , p.

Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species video. Event occurs at 9: Retrieved October 18, So it is a bit tricky. Because we have to figure out how to improve the cost of the trips to Mars by five million percent Archived from the original PDF on September 28, Retrieved October 9, Retrieved October 31, It leverages design features of both the Centaur and Delta Cryogenic Second Stage DCSS upper stages and intends to supplement and perhaps replace these stages in the future.

The baseline mT propellant load is contained in a 5m diameter, common bulkhead stage that is about the same length as ULA's existing upper stages.

ACES will become the foundation for a modular system of stages to meet the launch requirements of a wide variety of users. A common variant is a stretched version containing 73 t of propellant.

Retrieved November 10, Archived July 17, , at the Wayback Machine. Retrieved September 11, Retrieved August 11, Archived from the original PDF on July 17, Retrieved January 25, A practical depot must evolve hydrogen at a minimum rate that matches the station keeping demands.

China Achieves Orbital Refueling". Retrieved July 10, Archived from the original on May 5, Archived from the original on March 21, Retrieved March 20, SIS will be carrying enough tools to open 75 percent of the fueling systems aboard satellites now in geostationary orbit.

These canisters would be much lighter than the SIS vehicle and thus much less expensive to launch. Journal of the British Interplanetary Society.

Our David's stone for shielding earth and providing the cheapest extraterrestrial material". Archived from the original on June 28, Hydrogen Environment Embrittlement of Metals.

Retrieved January 26, Archived from the original on January 5, Retrieved March 14, MDA officials estimate the docking maneuver would take the communications satellite out of service for about 20 minutes.

The servicing robot would have an in-orbit life of about five years, and would carry enough fuel to perform 10 or 11 satellite-refueling or orbital-cleanup missions.

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